avidemux Avidemux is a free, open source video editor used for cutting, filtering, and encoding with support for a number of different file. P-frame duplication in avidemux on Mac OS X [image] I had thought it wasn’ t possible to install a version of avidemux that was old enough. I have researched many DataMoshing tutorials online and many of Open ‘ AviDemux ‘ Go to ‘FILE’ and load in the video you want to use.

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Hope it will help. Generally the effects of datamoshing are viewed as errors, or undesirable and thus applications like Avidemux try their best to correct these errors and eliminate glitching distortion. Erwyn Diaz 12 May at Haven’t converted it back to a jpg file otherwise I would share my datamosh but thanks for your help!

There are no other ones than the inital one, and the rest are p’s and b’s. To remove all the I-frames use the Up Arrow to move to the next one and repeat the removal process. I switched the max to and saved it as a new file and then run into this roadblock.

Ella lily 3 January at You destroy the file, open it, and then see what it looks like. Eddy Bergman 13 May at It is much bether understood if you have seen the movie. If you want a more technical overview of how I, P, and B frames function, take a look at this Programmer Stack Exchange answer and this post.

Have you tried renaming them to. This is done be pressing the Right Arrow key to move to the next frame and then clicking the mark B button below the slider. This is where some more tools come into play! Because different operating systems and shells have different kind of filename limits, commands etc. Glitchet also has a weekly technology and digital art newslettera Facebook page and a pretty kickass Tumblr. Apologies for the n00b question.


We typically do this with a hex editor, a low-level editing tool for looking at the contents of files, but I wrote a tool that can do this in a more automated way which I provide below. You probably want to do this, and doing so is easy: Long message coming up!

Give it a shot!

How to datamosh videos | Datamoshing

I don’t have experience doing this on a Mac machine I must admit but I say in the tutorial to export your video to AVI because I know that that will work best with AviDemux. Then just double click the something.

I want to do Daala and Snow codec tutorials next Do you know of any other experimental ones? Seems to be hard to find on tutoeial internet!

Filename will be ignored but the file extension will be used! Another thing to note is that P-frame duplication tends to make the image get very colorful.

How to datamosh videos

Don’t know how to datamosh? If that doesn’t work the only other thing to do is to re-render your original AVI video with an other codec in the hope you’ll get I-frames at the beginning of scene changes.

The I-frame destruction we did above is fun but also fairly limited. B-frames are bidirectional predictive frames. The only thing that comes to mind is to use high quality input videos.


When the motion prediction is added, the colors get simplified and thus really trippy. I want to continue the editing in premiere pro cs6 but says the file i import its damaged, of course eheh do you know how can i import it to premiere?

Frames which store an entire picture are called I-frames Intra-codedand can be displayed without any additional information.

So far it has been every single one, but I eventually came to that conclusion myself. You should now have your video file in avidemux. Just go in there, change some values, do whatever. I hope to be posting a lot more in the coming year so stay tuned: Things are not art just hutorial you process it over with some machine.

Before I go nuts, decided to ask you for some guidance. User Tools Log In. Navigate to the Applications folder, right-click on avidemux2, and click “Show Package Contents”. Check out the site for more details. You can see similar results here, https: Does this happen with every video that you try or only with the current one? I don’t know the reason why it happens. The glitch doesnt seem to futorial when i paste the previous frame to the old iframe location.

I fibbed about the 2. What exact avudemux of Avidemux and what operating system are you using? Short introduction to different methods.

Do I need the older version to run the 2.