BOYNE, John – Baiatul cu pijamale in – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Baiatul cu pijamale in dungi. 91 likes · 1 talking about this. De John Boyne. Readers’ questions about Băiatul cu pijamale în dungi. 59 questions answered.

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When the Author was asked if the book was written for children or adults, he says he didn’t write it baiatu one or the other – he just wrote a book. He is an advanced reader and very mature for his age but instead of just handing it to him, we read it together so that we could have discussions along the way. Like when the Bruno was kind of lured into a poison shower.

It is an important story, no matter the format. Or, the German Soldiers took him away for not doing his job after Bruno died. Xu this book heartwarming?

I didn’t really understand what was said about Father at the end lf the book.

BOYNE, John – Baiatul cu pijamale in dungi.pdf

I recommend the book for most Middle School aged kids, and if a parent reads with, them, all the better. I found the movie truly appalling. It shows how friendship can lead to good and bad things. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have read this dunig about 3 times and it was amazing every time I’ve read it?


Băiatul cu pijamale în dungi — Reader Q&A

The movie version follows the book very closely, but it is much more disturbing as it shows physical violence. He just knows that he enjoys the baiatup he has made from behind the barbed wire fence.

It shows how love can lead to bad things. Ask and answer questions about books! See Featured Authors Answering Questions.

Angela It depends on the child. This book gave him a little bit deeper understanding and more to think about which I appreciate.

Ryu My interpretation is that the Commandant knew what happened. Fef hatius hatius Peixes After the father pieced together what happened to Bruno he didn’t care about anything anymore.

The story is told from the perspective of Bruno, a 9 year old German boy, so it alluded to the sufferings he saw, but it never goes into detail because Bruno doesn’t understand exactly what he is seeing. I found that interesting because it doesn’t fit neatly into any category.

Is this supposed to illicit sympathy for the Nazi parents, who’s son was “accidentally” killed? He is a 6th grader and familiar with the Holocaust – not all the details, but he understands the ‘big picture’. Load 5 more questions.

Trudy Brasure The book is dungl particularly interesting insight into how a regular German family might get swept into the mechanism of evil brought on by a fascist …more The book is a particularly interesting insight into how a regular German family might get swept into dunbi mechanism of evil brought on by a fascist leadership.


He doesn’t put it into a ‘category’, but the Publishers have put into the YA category. Some 13 year olds might not be mature enough for it, but I just read this book with my newly 12 year old after coming across it in the YA section of the library. Would this book be alright for an eleven year old?

Again, the book only alludes to the violence and injustices, but it never shows them. That was why I read the book. Vonda Gardner The movie left a huge impression on me.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Do you think the Commandant thinks Bruno was killed by the Bauatul I just wanted to know, can this contribute to the real holocaust? To me, The boy in striped pajamas is a good book because it shows the difference between a boy in labor and a son of a nazi commander. He saw his son’s clothes, he saw the hole in the fence, and he could piece everything together which was why I personally think he became so overwhelmed with grief- because he fungi this- he was responsible for his own son’s death.