In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer in English for the very first time all four volumes of Herman. This magnum opus of the renowned Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck is now fully translated into English. Includes a combined index of all four volumes as well. Drawing from the church fathers and medieval thinkers, Bavinck engages Roman Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volumes () by Herman Bavinck.

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Divine and Human Logos. This is truly a publication event worthy of rejoicing. Curley, Library Journal “Pastors and theologians will welcome the historic first complete translation of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics. Johnston, Banner of Truth “This volume’s theological methodology demonstrates Bavinck’s grasp of the various disciplines of theology: This is not easy reading, but the effort is worthwhile to mine the depths of Bavinck’s comprehensive and thoughtful summary of the Rerormed Reformed tradition.

Those who desire to understand the faith once for all delivered to the saints will be rewarded by a careful and systematic reading. This splendid translation gives us the benefits of Bavinck’s thorough consideration of theological prolegomena, revelation, and faith. It is by far the most profound and comprehensive Reformed havinck theology of the twentieth century. Baker and the Dutch Reformed Translation Society deserve praise for this project, from which without doubt church reormed theology dogmatice profit for years to come.

Prolegomena still speaks to us today as we struggle to maintain our Reformed heritage in an increasingly Arminian culture. Dogma and Greek Philosophy. Some of the more redormed portions of his Dogmatics compare favorably with the most familiar, lofty, moving passages in Augustine and Calvin. Continue reading about Herman Bavinck. It has shaped generations of theologians and helped them to preach, think, and act on a fresh, Reformed basis.

Selected bavick Title Page. John Bolt has performed a great service by his editorial introductions and notes in the English translation. We can hope and pray that this project will encourage the kind of theological work for which its author is so greatly revered–the constant commitment to patient exegesis, the responsible and informed interaction with history, the churchly sensibility, and the keen perception into the concerns and needs of the present time.


The reader is more fully equipped to understand the motivations as well as refformed theological constructions behind each of the respective movements. Far from hindering the reader’s grasp of the material, Dr. We all should rejoice to see this material finally available in English and to know that more refprmed coming! The translation of these volumes into English is a welcome addition to the resources for study of Reformed theology.

Continue reading about John Bolt. Dogma and Theology in the West. Wynveen, Reformed Review “Bavinck’s serious engagement with the biblical text, dogmaticss history of Christian theology, non-Christian thought, and with other non-Reformed theological traditions, particularly Roman Catholicism and liberal Protestantism, makes for enjoyable theological reading.

It not only is encompassing in content but also shows everywhere a profound insight into the basic problems that a Reformed theology has to face and a deep sensitivity for modern culture.

Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volume Set

Garcia, American Theological Inquiry. The reader of this translation is well served by a considerable number of editorial improvements upon the Dutch edition bavinfk which it is based.

The topics explored by Bavinck are still of the utmost importance, and he addresses them here in refkrmed theological voice that is amazingly fresh. My library Help Advanced Book Search. What is of greater import, however, is that the translation team was able to put older Dutch into a highly readable English format. At every step reformee the way, the reader will find that Bavinck is engaged in an ongoing conversation with theologians of the past as well as the present, many of whom represent views with which he sharply differs but which he nonetheless addresses with care and interest.

Reformed Dogmatics: Prolegomena – Herman Bavinck, John Bolt, John Vriend – Google Books

Volume One which consists of Prolegomena lays the foundation for what follows in the remaining volumes with an almost encyclopaedic thoroughness.

Account Options Sign in. The unavailability in English of his crowning work, Gereformeerde Dogmatiekhas rformed a particularly significant lack.

The student of Bavinck will find that patient pondering over the Reformed Dogmatics is a spiritual feast.

Reformed Dogmatics

Although written over a century ago, Reformed Dogmatics still addresses contemporary theological issues. By the same token, the translation team has done an admirable job in what is often a thankless task of a kind of theological midwifery. Bloesch, emeritus professor of theology, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary “Herman Bavinck has often been unjustly overshadowed by Abraham Kuyper, especially in the English-speaking world. Bavinck’s breadth, thoroughness, rigor, ecumenical interests, and spiritual fervor are clearly on display in this careful and readable translation.


Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 1 Prolegomena by: What this translates dogmqtics is a theological orientation from a decidedly well-balanced Reformed persuasion that enables the reader to critique more modern 20th and 21st century theologies and theologians.

Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volume Set

At a time when the scholastic nature of systematic theology has come under serious criticism, Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmaticcs reveals the advantage of careful and sustained reflection on Christian truth that is both faithful to the church and engaged with the academy. While the content of his volume is identical with the original, the layout in the translation renders the material far reformeed accessible. Yet, what appears to be a drawback is one of the attractions of this work.

The Testimony of the Spirit. It would not be saying too much to state that reading any chapter of [ Reformed Dogmatics ] will have the effect of thoroughly grounding the Christian in the most important aspects of the subject under discussion. This masterwork will appeal to scholars and students of theology, research and theological libraries, and pastors and laity who read serious works of Refogmed theology.

This book provides the reader a vantage point from the watershed where many contemporary currents originate. To pietists fearful of the modern world on one hand and to critics of orthodoxy skeptical about its continuing doogmatics on the other, Bavinck’s example suggests a model answer: As he moves throughout the subject of dogmatic theology, he stands on the shoulders of giants such as Augustine, John Calvin, Francis Turretin, and Charles Hodge.

Bavinck is confessionally orthodox, but he recognizes the need to rethink the traditional formulations from Scripture in the context of contemporary discussion.

With the publication of this first volume and, D.

John Bolt is professor of systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. Endorsements “A welcome addition to the works of Bavinck in English.

What especially impresses, however, as one moves methodically through these tomes is Bavinck’s integrity.