Fill Aia G Pdf Fillable, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. 3, AIA Document G, APPLICATION AND CERTIFICATION FOR PAYMENT,, Application #. 4, containing Contract’s signed Certification is attached. 21, Continuation Sheet, AIA Document G, is attached. completed in accordance with the Contract Documents, that all amounts have been paid by.

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Contract Sum to Date. This represents the value you should be paid for worked earned during this pay period and any change in retainage during the pay period. This is calculated by dividing Column G by Column C. This value should be the total work and materials to date. Number your line items however you wish. A short name or number given to identify the project. Recall that this is the total value of materials currently stored on the job site but not installed.

Line 5, Retainage three lines: Application and Certification for Payment. This is typically refers to the total value of any materials that are currently stored but not installed. This value should match your total of Column I on form G These selections indicate who the payment submission will be copied to who else will receive a copy.


General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. This is the last day of the period for which you are billing.

The dollar aiw of new work completed this period. Some use the specification section or drawing number that the work applies to. Line 6, Total Earned Less Retainage: It may be used as written documentation of changes in the work, aiaa sum or contract time that are mutually agreed to by the Owner and Contractor. This is line 6 from your last Payment Application the last one you sent.

This form allows the Architect to certify an amount different than the amount applied for, with any necessary explanations provided by the Architect.

You will need to separate the Change Orders that add money to your contract from those that subtract money from your contract.

Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder)

This form is sometimes referred to as Page 2 of the Application and Certificate for Payment G form. Important Note Regarding Copyrights: Check you work against the example at the top of the page. Enter that in Column C. The grand total of all lines must equal your current contract sum that shows up on line 3 of Page 1.

form g –

This is a brief description of the scope of work. Write down whichever rate is contracted next to Box b.

Lines 1 and 2 in Column E will be zero. To finish filling out your form, total up each column and enter the value at the bottom of the column on the Grand Total line.


Your contract should set the terms of retention. This is the difference between Column C and Column G. Column H — Balance to Finish: This is the total dollar amount you requested for this line item through your last Payment Application.

Application and Certificate for Payment. This document must be signed by the Contractor and notarized prior to submission. Being the squeaky wheel is often your only recourse. Usually, to get paid for stored materials they have to be on site or in a bonded, secure storage facility. Total Earned Less Retainage on that application.

AIA G style progress payment software – print to AIA G

Iaa rest of our example will focus on the Earth Work in line 3. Enter that in Column G. Please number your Column A 1 through 3 you will have three lines. Double check this before submitting the Payment Application. The box is the fourth from the left, bottom row. Close Please support the site. You now have three lines numbered 1 through 3.