BRAN HAMBRIC: THE SPECTER KEY. 2. Chapter 2. THE BOX IN THE BANK VAULT. HE CITY OF DUNCE sat directly east of the wild and forbidden West. Bran Hambric believes that the Farfield Curse is over with. But when he discovers a safe-deposit box in his dead mother’s name-in the very bank vault where he. Bran Hambric has recently discovered a safe deposit box in his mother’s name, in the very vault where he was discovered as a boy. Now he’s on a frightening.

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It felt like his conversation with Thomas about fate was aiming for a similar profundity, but I found Bran’s appeal to a nameless fate a weak substitute for God. An hambroc gray van pulled off the road, one of the windows taped over with a ripped trash bag that flapped intermittently.

Who would you trust? There are enough dangling questions to make me anticipate a sequel and hope it arrives soon; but nothing major is left unsaid. Though I might’ve been tempted to give it a 3 if I didn’t like his vlogs so much.

Bran Hambric: The Specter Key

Like It Find This Book. Jan 02, Julie rated it liked it Recommends it for: The Farfield Curse Marc Thompson.


Trivia About The Specter Key I breezed through this book and before I knew it I had finished. I think this would be a great series for 10 and up boys and girls. Published October 10th by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky first published October 1st I enjoyed this book greatly.

Bran Hambric: The Specter Key – Lexile┬« Find a Book | MetaMetrics Inc.

Now he’s on a frightening path that puts everyone he cares about in danger. But things are a little different. Sep 29, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: But after he finished his first story, no one could make him to stop. Dec 26, Trina rated it really liked it. Even if it means I will once again be emotionally distraught by the end.

Oct 10, Jessica rated it liked it.

Aside from writing, Kaleb is a blogger and a former radio host. Joris kept his eyes from the gruner as it fed, a shock of blond hair going to his shoulders and his strong gaze hardly wavering, even as the horrible sounds echoed in the emptiness. The skies were clear, but the tye hardly shone on her face, waiting and emotionless.

For more information on these specrer and matching beginning readers with texts, visit lexile. MacHale, author of the “Pendragon “Series” “Whimsy, magic, and suspense collide in this breathtaking tale.

The Specter Key (Bran Hambric, #2) by Kaleb Nation

She was wanted by every Magic Investigational Police officer in the world-but she had offered him a reward he could not spdcter. Give it a C.


He turned 21 in and currently lives in California. Thankfully, the wild absurdities keh the first book have been toned down, and the pace this time around is a lot more even. Bran Hambric believes that the Farfield Curse is over with.

Bran Hambric: Specter Key

Many products and services offer Lexile measures for their books and reading materials. The Fairfield Curseboth Sourcebooks JabberwockyBran battles to save his friend, Astara, who has be snatched into the world of Specters. The book is about a boy named Bran Hambric who is a mage magician whose mom was notorious a criminal because of her misuse of her powers. I loved the front cover of the book. He goes on a dangerous journey to rescue her when he fiinds out whom has her.

He trys to keep it from everyone because when they know that’s the end of them too. Nation spexter a sparkling array of unusual settings and creatures that will appeal to fantasy aficionados.