Caffenol Recipes that are proven to work can be found here. If not stated differently, the temperature of the solution should be 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees. six, almost seven years ago i was given a recipe for caffenol c film developer by a friend whitey. i met whitey over on , one of the 3 or. just incase there are any interested parties on site interested in the caffenol ( coffee) method of developing b&w film. (yes i said film) the cookbook is an.

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The book is under constant development, so you will find quite some things that change from time to time — visit to visit. I have yet to find a robusta labeled instant coffee. A work in progress. Experiments in caffenol — Xiyu Phoon Photography.

Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

When I first heard about developing film with coffee I thought something like: Time to order more film Maybe I can give you some tips where to get it. Posted August 24, at 5: The cheaper the better is my finding here in Germany. Some people use something like Caffenol-C-M for developing silver prints, but I wasn’t satisfied with my trials. I just mixed the caffenol ingredients together but it began foaming up. Agitate slowly for the first minute. Why xaffenol you want to have a dev time that long?


caffehol Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Die Bearbeitung sieht in der Tat besser aus – ich denke hab ich die Tonwertkorrektur und die Graduation nicht ordentlich gemacht: The images are verry fine but with a small green tone, i dont have the famous copper tone. Sorry for the international audience that I answer in german: Posted April 4, at And then measure the temperature, as adding the soda will increase the temp.

Hier mal eine einfache, grundlegende Bearbeitung http: It will always foam cookbool, but you should anyhow let the solution stand for 5 minutes once everything is completely dissolved. I would always add soda first. Posted October 30, at Caffenol Recipes that are proven to work can be found here. And all I get is a very faint stroke from the beginning of vookbook film that is fully exposed while loading the film. Pictures from the sea literally, as far as fixer concerns.

Flags flag counter added June The toning is always added in post. I also developed Kodak Portra color negatives with the exact same batch the next day and they also came out really well. Ilford film developed in Caffenol, printed in Ilford paper developed in Caffenol.


I notice no comments on hypo-clearing agents, something I always used to avoid problems I saw others having with washing their films. I caffenool pretty happy with the outcome though Antonio, No, Caffenol is only a developer. Posted October 29, at Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

See my german blog with examples, tips and tricks and some feedback to film and cameras here: Jake, Washing Soda is Sodium carbonate, you can usually get it in any drug store. They still turned out really well. Posted October 5, at 7: Means, the parts which should stay white changes into brown during the developing process.

Posted December 6, at 9: Then I put everything together and add the Vitamin C. Posted March 29, at 1: It turned out to be so good that there was no real need for further experiments.

Caffenol: The Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

My total developing time was 12mins. Vitamnin-c — from a pharmacy Sodiam Carbonate — from a phamacy Instatn coffe that expired 2 years ago…. Posted May 22, cookbook 5: Oops try the links: