Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Title, Language, Downloads. Sep 3, , INSTALLATION MANUAL, it,en, pdf 98 KB. Online Catalogue · Highlight Products Foundation of Urmet Domus, company that specializes on integrate solutions Urmet’s 75th anniversary. anche il gruppo Urmet, vede la Prodel creare l’unità Prodel Engineering al Modello a catalogo Urmet Domus / Model available at Urmet Domus catalogue.

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These are only some of the advantages of the system which brings something more to the market, with flexible solutions, ideal for applications spanning from villas and blocks of flats, to residential compounds.


Self-diagnostic functions IPervoice constantly monitors the state of all system peripherals: The system can be used to freely create four zones, using a very simple interface. General Catalogue Indoor station.

Provides typical concierge functions. In the website it is possible to look up all the functionalities and updates in terms of product novelty and system jrmet In fact, Urmet proposes the most advanced filar and wireless anti-intrusion, anti fire and video-surveillance systems: Possibility of door opening code for every user.

This way, advanced technology becomes easy to use. Design solutions for stylish homes.



Mistral integrates cattalogue range with a series of amplified ringers which can emit a flash of light. In addition, Urmet offer is enriched with new kits: Traditional and electronic call door phone are used.

Provided with two RJ45 connectors for inlet and output bus. Signo audio and video door phones are the smallest their kind on the market: The system is entirely managed by means of key, keypad and even remotely.

Data from Davis et al.

Modo is performance leader also for other video door phone functions: Rolling Gates Varia is an electro-mechanical chain operator with internal nylon magazine. Care continues in details: The gear motor is ir — reversible and therefore keeps the gate locked. Aprimatic Aprimatic is one of the most successful international brands specialised in the production of automatisms for gates, doors and windows. Shapes, materials and treatments speak of technology, and are the ideal combination with IPervoice: Call floor for each user.

Comité du budget et des finances

Many new features in the catalogue and new stylish products. Optical-fibre-ready Optical fibre can be used for special situations distance higher than metres or passage in conduits with power cables in the IPervoice system: I will be back on Monday during office hours.

Each apartment station can be chosen according to requirements and up to three apartment stations can be installed in parallel.


Allows to manage telephone and door phone calls to a single telephone terminal. Switchboards With IPervoice the concierge desk is turned urket a service centre connected to all the buildings and apartments. You can choose the style you want and find the perfect solution for all audio and video systems, either colour or black and white, in the Urmet kit range.

Aitek » WISI-catalogueFrench

PC configuration by means of web browser and menu in English; recording function urmett management of up to 3 SIP accounts. Large residential compounds with a high level of users No limit to the number of users, riser columns, switchboards and conversations Optical-fibre-ready Integration with access control systems, switchboards, catlogue systems, video surveillance and intercom systems Self-diagnostic system for checking system state Elekta dedicated entry panels: Programming using Bluetooth interface and Windows Mobile or Symbian system.

The upper and lower part of the panel front can be engraved to display address and name of the historical building, for instance, or other information all arranged tidily and elegantly on the panel without needing other plates.