[READ] Cingular Cell Phone Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Cingular Download Cingular User Manual Pdf user should obey all signs and instructions sparks in such areas sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or. DownloadOperators manual cingular cell phone. PDF Can t buy download apps in my own region. Software Update to Ver. Just got mine shipped to me.

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Tap and hold the partnership on the Devices tab. Using Letter Recognizer Using Voice Speed Dial Service needed on components inside these compartments should be done by an authorized service technician or manyal. Enter your user name, password, and domain, and tap Next. Page 41 If you are recording in an open note, an icon will appear in the note.

Icon ActiveSync Calculator addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Using Clearvue Pdf Simply tap the cingklar slide to go to the next one. Customize The Start Menu File Type Image Video You can view the pictures as a slide show, bean them, send them via e-mail, edit them, or set them as the background on the Today screen. In the note list, tap New. Numbers and some letters are allowed and the calculator is activated. You can protect your phone from unauthorized use by assigning a type of password called a PIN personal identification number.

To create a new dial-up connection After a new manuxl has been set up on your PC, you must create a new dial-up connection to connect your PC to the Internet using your device.


You can also set Calendar to remind you of appointments with a sound or flashing light, for example. Using ActiveSync, you can copy or move information from the PC to the device and vice versa. Other than selecting the Media information type in ActiveSync to be synchronized, all media synchronization settings must be set in Windows Media do the following Using Phone Pad, you can easily switch between three input modes: Accessibility For People With Disabilities Copy files to your device Use the latest version of the desktop Player Windows Media 10 or later to synchronize digital media files to your device instead of dragging cingualr file from a folder on your PC to a folder on your device, for example.

Related Products for Cingular Cingular Cingular Notes If you have zoomed in to see a slide in more detail, you cannot navigate to another slide until you zoom out.

The folders you create and the messages you move will then be mirrored on the e-mail server. The device name is used to identify the device in the following situations: Cnigular By default, Bluetooth is turned off.

cingular user manual

Notes Creates handwritten or typed notes, drawings, and recordings. In the Smart Dialing panel, browse the list by tapping the arrows desired contact or phone number. Making A Call 3. Fingular remove programs You can only remove programs that you installed.

Portrait, Landscape right-handedand Landscape left-handed. Backing Up Files In the Ring tone list, tap the sound you want to use.

Cingular 8125 User Manual

Starting Up Charge the battery New batteries are shipped partially charged. Playback screen menu When you are kanual the Playback screen, the following commands appear on Menu.

You can charge the battery by: You may be able to synchronize your device with Exchange Server through your company or wireless service provider. Notes Each time a wrong password is entered, the time the device takes to respond will get longer and longer until the device appears to be not responding.


New voice mail There are more notifications. Schedule a new appointment, or open an existing one and tap Edit.

Using Terminal Services Cimgular As with other mobile radio transmitting equipment, users are advised that for satisfactory operation of the equipment and for the safety of personnel, it is recommended that no part of the human body be allowed to manuwl too close to the antenna during operation of the equipment.

Enter a new name for the partnership. Page 38 The Options screen provides you with the following settings to setup: These limits are part of comprehensive guidelines and establish permitted levels of RF energy for the gen-eral population.

Lets you rename an existing ZIP file. Beam Information Using Bluetooth Portrait mode allows you to get a better view or a better operation of certain programs on your device, while Landscape mode may be optimal for viewing longer text files. Connection is not active. Contact your cingulr provider for details.

Calibrate The Device Chapter 6 Getting Connected 6.

Personalizing Your Pocket Pc Phone To perform a hard reset Press and hold the Comm Manager button and Voice Command button on the device. This is the default for optimum handwriting recognition.