We are are resource to assist Navy Sailors in writing FITREPs, EVALs, CHIEFEVALs, awards, and Officer FITREP Examples British Navy FITREP Examples. the Navy Chief’s Mess and accepted across the Fleet. ▫ Commanding Officers evaluate Chiefs using an E-7 to O-6 Fitrep which does not reflect. My Intent of this website is to be a one stop shop for all Navy Evaluations and Awards. I have tried to compile the best Navy Evaluations, Navy FITREPS and.

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The information contained in this critical document is used to select candidates for the Navy’s most challenging and key billets. PRT not conducted due to operational commitment. His guidance and supervision throughout his department and command has been instrumental to the overall success of WASP.

Guided his department in completion of 9, maintenance and calibration actions while clearing material procurement obstacles and manning shortfalls. Highly productive and versatile Sailor. There is no equal! Evaluation submitted upon member’s advancement to Petty Officer Fittrep Class. Cpi you can select only one Senior Chief make it Senior Heider. Knowledgeable, resourceful, and extremely versatile, performing as an experienced Master Chief.

Masterfully led O-3 and below watchstanders in Deck Watch qualifications and weapons certification as ship’s Section Leader. There is not enough room on this evaluation to describe CMC Jones’ impact to this ship. Wow factor can’t be understated here! Working with Iraqi investigators, police, and judicial officials, ccpo helped teach the basics of criminal investigation and proper development of evidence-based cases, helping to bring legitimacy to Iraq’s law fitrsp and judicial process.

Earned my complete trust. A consummate and driven professional. ENS Brooks is a top-performing division officer with an extremely bright future.

The most efficient way to get started is to brainstorm first. Served as the ship’s Senior Enlisted Watch Officer.


New in 2018: All new evals and fitreps

And those social qualities ftirep equally as important as a person’s technical skills. Totally dedicated to providing the ultimate in customer service to the crew. Squeezing a year’s performance into only 18 lines is a challenge. Led 35 member CAT in surveying overall command climate.

And when you consider the impact that this single document has, you realize how important it is to make every single word count. The Summary The Summary: Xpo of the most widely respected leaders onboard. CWO4 Carthon is a dedicated, talented professional that I routinely depend upon. Active member within the Chief’s Mess during transition season. He earns my strongest recommendation for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer.

Merely listing achievements doesn’t give any indication as to what kind of leader or supervisor the person might be. Already performing at the O-5 level. Ranked below my Fitrpe Engineer only due to level of responsibility. As the Command Financial Specialist he trained and advised 16 Sailors and Marines in good financial decision making techniques and proper budgeting resulting in 7 security clearance approvals and zero revocations.

He possesses a breath of experience and knowledge. Serving as a role model, his excellent personal example cultivated a command climate where shipboard personnel consistently fittep a high degree of military futrep.

Supervising sixteen Sailors in conducting maintenance safely and correctly on six harbor security boats and five oil response crafts under OB01 Work-Center, Rising valuable skills and technical knowledge promoting self-confidence while maintaining operational readiness.

List all the ratee’s accomplishments on a separate sheet of paper. BMCM Smith is a superior leader and xpo Passed PFA Cycle Significant qualifications earned Awards received Professional achievments Educational accomplishments Navy schools, correspondence courses, and civilian courses Collateral duties Command and community involvement Any other information that might be noteworthy Then when you have all the information on paper, you can start sorting and prioritizing citrep information.


His broad depth of experience and tenacity have made lasting improvements onboard WASP.

Expertly managed 13 highly skilled Sailors in the complex operation of a 2. Without peer in ability to motivate Sailors with captivating instructional techniques. Fittrep not within standards, he quickly set personal goals and made significant changes in his culture of fitness.

Without a doubt one of the finest Warrants I have ever worked with in over 26 years of Naval Service. Provided training, mentorship and aided in the development of 12 newly selected CPOs. FCCM Hallissy combines vast operational experience, managerial skills, and command vision.

His positive mentorship vastly enhanced the workcenter’s productivity and efficiency. He defines technical competence and promotes professional growth throughout his department and Wardroom.

New in All new evals and fitreps

He has served WASP brilliantly in any capacity tasked: Only being at the command for a short time, Chief Williams has set a new standard for excellence and has become an intricate part of the CPO Mess and the command. Open, honest, and frank communicator, Master Chief Valladares possesses a keen ability to tell it like it is. We need more titrep. Efforts led directly to eight new Petty Officers and increase in quals. Fitrrep as ship’s historian for outstanding written and c;o pieces on such topics as Naval Birthday and Bicentennial Celebration of the War of While the introduction provides information on the subject’s personality and character, most of the Comments on Performance block is reserved for recording the subject’s accomplishments during the reporting period.