Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Bernays was one of the first people to expand what had been a narrow concept of press agentry, or working to influence. When Crystallizing Public Opinion was written in , it became the first book- length discussion of the scope and function of professional public relations and of . Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne.

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The Latin language shows this Roman under- standing of the importance of public opinion. Write a customer review.

Lithu- ania was of considerable political importance in the reorganization of Europe, but it was a coun- try little known or understood by the American public. An interesting illustration of the broad field of work of the puvlic relations counsel to-day is noted in the efforts which were exerted to secure wide commendation and support among Americans for the League of Nations.

In the same way, when dele- gations of Americans, interested in the Lithuanian problem, appeared before members of Congress or officials of the State Department, they came there as spokesmen for a country which was no longer. Motion and still pictures were taken of the event. Open Preview See a Problem? The skilled scientist who may be receptive to any promising suggestion in his own field may out- side of his own field be found quite unwilling to make any attempt at understanding a point of view contrary to his own.

His primary function now is not to bring his clients by chance to the public’s attention, nor to extricate them from difficulties into which they have already drifted, but to advise his clients how positive results can be accomplished in the field of public relations and to keep them from drifting inadvertently into unfortunate or harm- ful situations.

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Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

So did some newspapers — one of which, the Baltimore Federal Republican, was put out of business when a mob destroyed its plant. Newspaper, radio, movies, theater but not TV having not been invented yet. Rosebault, the author of an article in the New York Times recently, headed “Men Who Wield the Spotlight,” remarks that the competent public relations counsel has generally had some newspaper training and that the value of this training “is a keen sense of the likes and dislikes of what we call the public — that is, the average of men and women.


The business of the public relations counsel is somewhat like the business of the attorney — to advise his client and to litigate ;ublic causes for him. Public opinion is a term describing an ill-de- fined, mercurial and changeable group of indi- vidual judgments. But in some cases such dissemination of information resulted in reform. Interesting read that goes into the real life applications of the PRO, rather than giving theories and hypotheticals.

With the increase in the status and power of the individual came a refusal to accept blindly the untrammelled authority of nobility and the pronouncements of religion.

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A primer on the then new profession of “public relations counsel,” Crystallizing elucidates the “instruments and techniques” that PR professionals use to mold public opinion on behalf of their client’s interests. Americans were once wont to jest about the dependence of France and Switzerland upon the tourist trade. While all this material had little direct bearing on the character of political life, it was a considerable factor in shaping public opinion.

The counsel on public relations, after examination of the sources of established beliefs, must either dis- credit the old authorities or create new authori- ties by making articulate a mass opinion against the old belief or in favor of the new.

Elmer Davis, ‘is the commonplace to any newspaper man, even to one who has never studied epistemology; and, if the phrase is permissible, truth is rather more relative in Washington than anywhere else. During the War, business, through the contribution it made to America’s war machine, regained its self-confidence and initiated new ac- tivities more closely designed to identify itself with the public interest. If I shall, by this crystaklizing of the field, stimulate a scientific attitude towards the study of public relations, I shall feel that this book has fulfilled my purpose in writing it.

He has had his critics over the years — but this book in my opinion is simply critically well and very relevant today in the computer age. To the Conservative the amazing thing about the Liberal is his incapacity opibion see reason and accept the only possible solution of public problems.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Public opinion is the aggre- gate result of individual opinions — now uniform, now conflicting — of the men and women who make up society or any group of society. Don’t have a Kindle? Such an occasion becomes symbolic and is utilized by the ego to enhance its feelings of importance. The New York Times printed some time ago an address by the governor of Nebraska, in which he told a group of advertising men that pub- licity had made Nebraska prosper. The public relations counsel is the lineal descendant, to be sure, of the circus advance-man and of the semi-journalist promoter of small-part ac- tresses.


In the same way, the great corporation which is in danger of having its profits taxed away or its sales fall off or its freedom impeded by legislative action must have recourse to the public to combat suc- cessfully these menaces.

Book Review: Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays | D.T. Griffith

He also sent a copy of the article to members of his relief committees throughout the country. Walter Lipmann’s views are also highly visible through the writing. Our effort to build up morale in this country, to strengthen our allies, to win over the neutrals, and to defeat the enemy, made a great impact.

The Hays Office was going strong. Now sensitiveness to the state of mind of the public is a difficult thing to achieve or maintain. One defi- nition has three points: The task of publicity is to allay this suspicion, and the statutory definition of publicity in any particular case must be as broad as the ground of suspicion that makes appeal to it necessary.

It was not until February 11,that The New York Herald recognized the new conception of the counsel on public relations and his methods in an editorial in which it commented that “the old press agent has gone. He gives advice on the formulation of attitudes and actions which will win public favor and’ procedures by which they may be brought to public attention. The first known newsletter was issued in by the. But there was a rcystallizing funda- mental basis for the development of public rela- tions in this period.