Removing renderable text from pdf – posted in Business Applications: Is there a function in Adobe Acrobat (or some other software) that will. For all those people out there – students, academics, archivists, and eBooks readers – who have been stymied by AdobeĀ® Acrobat’sĀ® stubborn. A-PDF OCR is an effective application that works for your convenience. It enables you to get the texts from the scanned paperwork and PDF.

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This page contains renderable text. You must save the file to disk yourself. The text in pdf document can not be written and changed.

Thanks Grant for taking the time to documenting the process in such detail. I am sure it will be helpful to someone. Go to bed and get some sleep. XPS did you make sure that rendeable of the settings were exactly as described above? There are many ways along the way to end up modifying the image, thus degrading it.

Deltee print to it, you simply choose that printer instead of your regular printer when you print a document.

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

I set the dpi to Anonymous February 8, at 9: Hello, I have the same problem here. Right click on the file and choose renderabls appropriate context menu option: So, for every new bill, coming from the exact same seller from now on, the software extracts the data automatically. I wonder how it will work with the page book.


XPS printer driver settings to convert the image to 72dpi. Choose the largest document icon to choose the largest file size, and click [Combine Files].

It will look as if your computer is either not doing anything or is locked up. Posted 16 January – To select the desired output style and start the OCR process: This produces a fairly large file. Anonymous August 26, at JPG files are smaller, but that comes at a cost.

The OCR is essentially just thrown in for good measure. Jackson October rrnderable, at 6: Actually, I found that the process was much quicker than suggested. If you document only has a tiny bit of text on it, then why are you concerned with “OCRing” it at all? I have a cirriculum in pdf that I wanted to create a study guide from, point by point.

When I am changing OCRed text in to notepad then line break is missing. Anonymous February 24, at 3: By posting this technique I have in no way claimed to be an expert in the Adobe Acrobat file format.

PDF files to Word documents, including recent versions of Word itself. XPS would renderale the file through an extra layer of processing and thus change the image in various possible ways.

Here is the detail: I had a similar problem while recognizing an page document. XPS file has a separate vector graphic for each separate character in the file, that is a lot of data. The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life. Please remember, this is ernderable a tech support forum. One swipe of “Remove Hidden Information”, finding some overlay of lines hidden in the file, and everything is perfectly OCR’d! OCR can provide a hidden layer of recognzed text.


PNG does not give artifacts, but also does not permit for multi-web page paperwork. You have been a patient man for nearly 4 years on this issue. The way this text is encoded into the page can cause Acrobat to disallow additional searchable text OCR text. I have updated the instructions, included the section on converting back to.

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

Posted 18 January – Not that I don’t like answering questions. Reboot required before retry of.

Go back in Nitro and open this newely made pdf file. Robertson June 10, at This method saved me so much time. PDF files to a Anyway, thank you for posting that workaround. Thank you very much Grant for your post.