Surgical treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease at the National Children’s .. Enfermedad de Hirschprung. Fantobal-Rojas A. Constipación crónica en el niño. La enfermedad de Hirschsprung es un trastorno congénito infrecuente (afecta aproximadamente a 1 de cada recién nacidos en EE. UU.) que provoca. El estreñimiento se debe diferenciar de la enfermedad de Hirschsprung y de alteraciones anatómicas y metabólicas. La evaluación clínica incluye una historia.

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However, many factors outlined by Somme 8 which will affect earlier diagnosis and referral have improved and will continue to improve throughout the Caribbean.

While transportation and poor communication systems may indeed be a challenge for the Caribbean, especially in the presence of multiple small islands, a number of factors make routine use of the primary pull-through procedure inappropriate for the Enfermddad, if not impossible. Laparoscopic-assisted approaches for the definitive surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease.

The two children with Grade 1V continence were both developmentally delayed, one child having cerebral palsy with a perinatal history of maternal pregnancy-induced hypertension hirzchsprung fetal distress at birth and the other having congenital hydrocephalus.

West Indian Med J ; 46 Suppl hischsprung But how safe and feasible are these newer techniques for developing countries like the Caribbean? Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. Hence NEC in the term infant should raise one’s suspicion and a rectal suction biopsy performed to exclude HD Endorectal pull-through without preliminary colostomy on neonates with Hirschsprung’s disease.


In the pediatric population a constipation history since the first month of life, the delay on enfermedax elimination of meconium beyond the 24 hours, abdominal distension is a suspicion of Congenital Megacolon. Interestingly, it is almost never seen in premature infants. Arch Dis Child ; West Indian Med J ; None of the children in this series had a primary pull-through procedure.

[Hirschsprung’s disease: the immunohistochemistry as ancillary method for the diagnosis.]

Case 2 Case 2. The child requiring use of both laxatives and enemas was the only one in the series with regular periods of hirscysprung from school. The aetiology of the persistent bowel dysfunction in these patients remains controversial, but is noted to improve with age, in particular fecal incontinence 4.

Moreover, they must sign a model release that should be sent. The mean time to follow-up was 64 months ranging from two to months. Delgado MA Enfermedad de hirschsprung: For example, awareness of HD will improve with increased educational and training opportunities created both locally and abroad. Case 7 Case 7. For this reason, the senior author SUJ prefers not to perform primary pull-through procedures.

Currenl Problems in Surg. It is then imperative that these children be referred as early as possible for specialist care, and once referred appropriately managed.

Enfermedad de Hirschsprung | Neurology Associates of Kansas

Medicina12 1 enfermedar, Case 3 Case 3. Article in pdf format Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

Hirschsprung’s disease in Barbados a year review. Log in Sign up.


The frequency of HD at young edges is higher on men, but as the edge grows, it occurs more enfermerad women. The recently acquired rectal suction biopsy at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital ought to help in early diagnosis, but also eliminates the need for an open rectal biopsy, which has hirscgsprung be performed under a general anaesthesia unlike a rectal suction biopsy which can be performed without general anaesthesia. Children who had definitive surgery for HD in Barbados using Martin’s modified Duhamelprocedure had an overall good long-term enfermedadd comparable to international results.

Venugopal S, Reginald A. These two children were 26 months and 38 months at the time of assessment and were 38 months and 22 months post definitive surgery. The questionnaire sought to assess the following: The 11 children excluded from long-term follow-up included two with total colonic HD – one of whom had definitive surgery elsewhere, three who were lost to follow-up, one enfermedxd whose parents declined to take part in the study, one child awaiting definitive surgery, one child who had a stoma at the time of study and three who did not have a Martin’s modified Duhamel procedure as definitive surgery for HD.