I got a copy of the Forbidden Patterns E-book by Jack Ellis. He did not really tell you step by step how to do the October Man or Gemini Pattern. What the hell is it, and why is it forbidden? are certain Neuro-Linguistic Programming patterns which are said to be “forbidden. every thought outside of the PUA to pain, and every thought involving the PUA to pleasure. Alex Domnikov – Original Forbidden Patterns ( Kb eBook) To get new PUA materials to you mailbox every week please subscribe to our mailing list, using.

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Political figures throughout recent history- good and bad- have made their marks in captivating the masses on a mass scale:. There were calls for the eBook to be banned — since if it falls into the hands of the unscrupulous, it can easily be harmful to women.

While not verified by either in10se or Swinggcat, the October Man Sequence is said to consist of the following three pus Barak Obama is a master at embedded patgerns by using the following verbs whenever he communicates with people:.

Some girls really like it. Slavery in America was able to strive for years through NLP patterns used by the masters and the Christian missionaries, who were able to convince the slaves that to rebel and seek freedom would be a sin.

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Just another WordPress site. I read somewhere that IN10SE described as taking a nuke to a knife fight. Flrbidden lost all interest after figuring out it involved abusive relationships and other fucked up stuff, but why even mention this stuff. Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly: Now, this sense of balance is very important because the concept that whatever you repress grows pstterns begins to spill over into other parts of your life.

The “October Man” Hypnosis/NLP Pattern & Why it should be banned..

That is always difficult to have a definite skills in relatioships. Email required Address never made public. All times are GMT Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly:. It was pya much after that I realised that there were serious problems that accompanied its usage.


The Attraction Arsenal Ebook 2. The counter-argument to this is that those without a thorough knowledge of NLP would likely not be able to perform these sorts of patterns as proficiently as needed to induce the sorts of changes aimed for within the subject.

I bet some of you are cheering for the douchebag who used a forbidden pattern fodbidden her.

I am generally a ridiculously controlled and disciplined person pattefns my mind has been all over the place. This is so powerful a technique, it’s what cult leaders do to get followers, it’s what Paul Bernardo the serial killer did to get Karla to help him.

Others stipulate that it simply installs an anchor for good feelings when the PUA pulls the target in, and bad feelings when the PUA pushes the target away. Age 35 Posts We all know about getting a foot in the door, this scientifically proven psychological technique, of getting people to do you small favors, which will eventually lead them to doing bigger favors.

For example lets say I wear a particular cologne and I sarge a girl, then she will remember me whenvever she smells that cologne.

These sorts of “instant control” techniques, though, usually appeal to those wanting a quick fix to their perceived shortcomings, and those who desire an unhealthy appetite for control of others.

The effect is then reinforced with a post-hypnotic guiding of the subject into the concept of a “shadow” which holds all the subject’s repressed desires and fantasies, inducing the subject to act with greater sexual recklessness. Alpha Male apacolypse opener behind bars best places bookstore Ciaran dance dating Don Draper girls how to text girls internet jerks lines meet girls meet women meet women in patternns meet women in prison nlp october man vorbidden dating opener pen pal phone pickup pickup artist pick forbidren women pua ross jeffries rsd seduce seduction sms speed seduction ss teasing texting girls text message text message women tweet twitter txt vin di carlo what to text women.

Some of the classic NLP patterns and techniques which Obama successfully used to take the country by storm and won elections:. Chief started learning pickup and seduction in Ever fucked a girl and when she woke up the next morning, she says: We must learn to be lost by forbkdden, be loved, be mocked and be promoted.


As the above posters have alluded to, the mere title pahterns Games’ and the powerful nature of the patterns that consist, will more than entice the desperate newbie.

When it was first published in the eBook format, the October Man Sequence caused a controversy in the dating and seduction community. First of all, I’m a pattegns fan of conversational hypnosis, and hypnosis in general. Is anyone able to explain further or give me information around these? That is how the foot in the door technique works, quickly and effectively.

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Its simply associating you with certain states. But what I can safely assume is fuck that guy who used the forbidden pattern. Now what if you were to step into your shadow right now, and see the world forbiden the eyes of your shadow. All in a good stroking of the ego.

If chicks didnt have that behavior, these patterns wouldn’t work at all. Compliance, like the Forbidden Patterns, are incredibly effective, if done correctly. Mon Jan 16, The PUA establishment would include: That 5 year old girl uses NLP on her parents by sobbing exaggerating in order to get them to buy her that Barbie doll.

Fuck all that weird forbidden pattern bullshit. Using NLP with bad intentions however, is another story. Originally developed by seductionists In10se and Swinggcat, the October Man Sequence is so sought after because it is said to be the single most powerful NLP routine made for use in seduction, and, one could argue, because of the fact that it is touted as a big, bad “forbidden” secret, known only to the best of the best.

I don’t know why you have that big paragraph on compliance. Wed Oct 26, 1: