For all of us who have been wounded by another and struggled to understand and move beyond our feelings of hurt and anger, Lewis Smedes’s classic book on. Smedes gives us pointers on how to do it. I’ll be happy if this summary whets your appetite to read the whole book. Forward: “If we wait to forgive people until. In Forgive and Forget, Lewis B. Smedes show you how to move form hurting and hating to healing and reconciliation. With the lessons of forgiveness, you can.

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Holding hatred inside yourself is more harm for you than the person being hated! Forgive and Forget Lewis B.

He does, however, provide a compassionate map of the normal processes we experience on the journey toward forgiveness. We all play our own variations on forhive single forgiveness theme. Practical advice in digestible nuggets. It paved the way for me to truly forgive others, as God intends us to. The sequel, The Art of Forgiving, builds upon the amd of the first.

There are many good books on forgiveness. Is it worth reading more than thirty years later? The section on Confusion mentioned having a disagreement with someone that manifested itself over time and to a point that we no longer remembered what we were angry about. Forgiveness, for ad situations, may seem like the offender gets away with their bad deeds. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve – Lewis B. Smedes – Google Books

Forgiving Is a Better Risk. He even mentioned that some things are so unforgivable we have to let it go for ourselves and let God handle it. All of these make it a worthwhile book, even if the subject material of the book is not very pleasant. It’s just not spelled out. Right from the beginning, this author makes it clear that he knows his reading audience: Overall, though, I would recommend it, if for nothing else, to reinforce some key concepts.


An excellent and very readable book on forgiveness and healing. The stages of forgiveness indicate that once we no longer wish someone harm, we are on the road to forgiveness. Trivia About Forgive and Forge To be sure, the Bible presents a clear standard for Christians to forgive, seek peace and reconciliation, and carry on with life gracefully. He married Doris Dekker.

I likes the idea that even after hurting someone, we should not look at ourselves as bad people through out our repentance time.

I read an article recently on forgiveness and this book was referenced several times so I decided to read this and delve deeper into the study of forgiveness. Books by Lewis B. Learned that if you love yourself, you should not hate anyone! Dec 23, Hope rated it really liked it Shelves: It did a really good job of defining “what” forgiveness is and what types of acts the author believes to be needing of forgiveness, but the “how” is obviously easier said than done and more ambivalent.

The chapter headings and categories were more useful than the examples and narrative. A Christian approach to healing after life’s pains that isn’t wimpy, maudlin or preachy. Only a free person can heal the memory of hurt and hate. A Smedse at a Time. The contents of this book are pretty comprehensive, especially for a ad of about pages. His 15 books, including the popular Forgive and Forgetcovered some important issues including sexuality and forgiveness.


Practical advice in digestible nuggets. Freedom is stre “Nobody can make you forgive.

Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve

Sep 15, Xiomara rated it it was amazing. The book continues with insight on forgiving people who are hard zmedes forgive, how people forgive slowly, with a little understanding, in confusion, with anger smedees over, a little at a time, freely or not at all…and ends with motivation to forgive. The first part of the book talks about the four stages of forgiveness hurting, hating, healing, and reconciliation and some nice things that forgiveness is not.

It went deep, deep enough to lodge itself in your memory. A Read full review. In a word, yes. It’s based on Christian abd and therefore I could not digest all what’s written. The author gives some good examples of hard life experiences and admits openly the slow, difficult path to forgiveness of others as well as ourselves.

This book provided an excellent look into the what and the why of forgiveness, but it was not quite so helpful when it came to the how. Lewis Benedictus Smedes was born inthe youngest of five children.

This is a 3 star book in my opinion.