First published in , George Santayana’s The Last Puritan was the American philosopher’s only novel, and it became an instant best-seller, immediately. Published in , George Santayana’s The Last Puritan was the American philosopher’s only novel. It became an instant best-seller, immediately linked in its. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : George ioned.

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Santayana’s writes that “when spirit, in attending to the essences before it, confuses those essences with itself, it misconstrues its own nature, for ‘spirit’ is not a reality that can be observed; it does not figure among the dramatis personae of the play it witnesses. Nadia rated it liked it Mar 28, Here Nathaniel even remarks that the undertaker has the duty not to be emotionally affected by his work. Because of my affection for Santayana, I want to give this book a better rating; but this is the internet, after all, and so I must be honest: The first part of The Last Pilgrimage recalls Oliver’s journey around the world with Mario, which had turned out to be a disappointment for Oliver.

He named the different sections of the book according to how each individual period of time matched up with Oliver Alden’s life: In the following episode, Oliver realizes that he probably won’t marry. In Oliver’s case the puritanical self-destruction that prevented him from realizing his own spirituality is transcended by his attainment of the type of self-knowledge that Santayana recommends throughout his moral philosophy.

Santayana separated the book into five parts. Mario himself is terribly distressed. This upset Peter, he didn’t understand why Oliver wrote to his mother to explain the situation. The tale ends with the reader realizing that Mario had matured, when he realizes that Rose had a crush on him.


In fact his perception, his senses, his memory, were all first rate — the problem resided in his heart. He sees this as nothing more than mere gossip, and the pleasantries of conversation are nothing more than staged mechanical mannerisms. He advised them against travelling for a few days.

He proudly retained his Spanish citizenship throughout his life. When the boys returned they got a visit from Mr Rawdon Smith, Mario’s schoolmaster. Oliver was the child of a dead faith, of a marriage without love and a home without laughter.

He becomes a moral creature through natural self-knowledge. This ruined everything, because he was unable to move he had no options. The Letters of George Santayana. Morrison-Ely, he wasn’t referred to as doctor.

Nathaniel Alden exemplifies the mentality and traditions of Old Europe, the place of Santayana’s ancestry. I have also a German governess- in love with the hero- of whom I am very proud.

Her mind still thought in categories and didn’t believe in the necessity of a reason for something; she just believed that things simply were the way that they were. When Nathaniel decides to attend the funeral of his late cousin Sarah Quincy, it’s done to maintain the consistency of their relationship.

On “The Last Puritan”, by George Santayana, from the Financial Times

And so he could neither believe in any cause nor laugh at himself nor forget himself in love. He says that Oliver is a spiritual man by nature and calls this a tragic privilege. Purktan the way back to the Vicarage Jim let Oliver in on a secret of his.

On the ship back to America Oliver finds some time to escape from his mother and spend some time alone. Now he was merely attached to him through a sense of duty, which is how he feels he is attached to everything through this same sense of relentless duty. Oliver’s new outlook about Jim and Mrs. Darnley assumes that she is mourning Oliver. To ask other readers questions about Geroge Last Puritanplease sign up.


They spoke of a multitude of things, but the most important topic was of Mario’s staying at Eton. Oliver, on the other hand, most exemplifies the tragedy of the genteel tradition through his Puritanism developed fully to its tragic, self-destructive end.

The book is titled as a memoir because, as philosopher Horace M. The scenes evoke an America of a certain age and the characters speak with a language that not only conveys ideas but emotions as well. To make up, I have no heroine, but a worldly grandmother, a mother- the quintessence of all New England virtues- and various fashionable, High Church, emancipated, European, and sentimental young ladies.

The Last Puritan: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel by George Santayana

The novel took Santayana forty-five years to complete and was a best-selling novel in second only to Gone with the Wind. Given purihan these are Oliver’s parents, the reader has an excellent precursor to what Oliver’s life will be like growing up ssntayana that household. When Peter began to go in a direction that he felt was unbecoming of a young man, Nathaniel tries to prove how loyal he is to God’s will by sending Peter west to a camp for wayward youth.

Even art for Nathaniel is a duty he declares for those who can afford it. He describes his wife Harriet in a surgical way. I have no patience with pages and pages to define consciousness and in the end I don’t care!