Find great deals for Hammond Xm1 Drawbar Organ Midi Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. In the month when Keyboard Review magazine took a first look at the Hammond XM1 and its XMc1 drawbar controller unit, for example (August. Your Hammond XM-1 Drawbar Sound Module is designed to give you the true and authentic sound of Hammond Harmonic. Drawbars, as well as provide you a .

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Was the kind of person who would spend over a grand on an organ module and MIDI controller unit really going to be some kind of plainsong enthusiast? hammojd

All user reviews for the Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1

Damage the connecting cable is too short and the connectors are not standard. Every B3 sounds slightly different, so while the emulation may not sound like one example, hammonc could be as near as damn it to another.

The inspiring look of the Vox with its reverse colour keys, the reliability of modern technology, and a module full of custom-programmed Hammond presets. It suits me, I rarely play alone and this unit filled his role perfectly. It was jazz all the way to preset 39, afterwhich things became fairly erratic.

Hammond XM1 Organ Module | Planet Botch

Look at the ingredients — the authentic drawbar tone, the amended Leslies, the percussion, the vibrato, and the most fantastic chorus… Many, many extremely tasty dishes were available. Request a new review.


The XM1 is extremely flexible and if you’re prepared to spend a bit of time tinkering with the hidden parameters, it’s almost certain you’ll get very close to the Hammond sound that’s in your head. First I play a real Hammond.

In other ways, though, the company seemed to go too far in the other direction. The rack is put aside and almost all controls are on the remote module. Another weak point is a technical limitation: Those sluggish Leslies, for example, were supposedly intended to replicate the effects of wear and tear.

So was this really the right time x,1 unveil an eleven hundred quid organ with no keyboard? I think the sounds are not bad but there must be sound volume to appreciate the color.

It was extremely difficult to imagine who, inwould turn to a Hammond organ module for a clarinet sound which sounded nothing like a hwmmondwhen synth technology was so powerful and could do the job convincingly.

The bass is very present you have to have serious in pregnant! The sounds did begin to arrive from preset 31, which harboured a great Jimmy Smith Organ Grinder Swing style jazz setting, with console chorus, and a bass end that reeked of quality.

Hammond Xm1 Drawbar Organ Midi Module | eBay

To cut a long and predictable story short, I bought both the XM1 module and its accompanying XMc1 drawbar controller immediately after trying it, but was my new purchase really a B3 in a box? For specifications, say you have a hammond thanks to hammohd small box that you put on another synth. Surely the whole point of this module was to provide a stand-alone solution.


After that, once you set one or more sound “type”, you can use the console zippers for adjusting the sound live. Leslie effects with several simulation models and adjust speeds and accelerations, etc.

True, the XM1 was expensive for an organ module, but time has shown it to be money very well spent. I had the opportunity to use the module with a real Leslie myand in this case, the result is very correct. But if you were going to xj1 buying pieces of furniture you may as well get a real tonewheel organ as well, and then why would you bother with an XM1?

If you take a Roland D70 for example, there is a slight offset.

Hammond Xm1 Drawbar Organ Midi Module

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Or something like that. I have one Leslie hammondd set up for distortion sounds, with its volume subdued. Sort by most recent most useful. Log in Become a member. Not satisfied with those reviews? Unfortunately, a BIG weakness in emulation: That was common knowledge — except at Hammond, seemingly. But it must have its own amplification, do not go with the guitars and vocals on the same amp.

You need a keyboard that responds hakmond. Write a user review Ask for a user review.