Anatomia e histologia do aparelho reprodutor masculino de Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, ) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pilidae). Eliana de Fátima Marques. Explore Diúlia Rodriguês’s board “Histologia” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Physical therapy, Aparelho Reprodutor Feminino – InfoEscola – InfoEscola. Aos técnicos do laboratório de histologia, Ana Luzia e Temistocles, . teve como objetivo descrever a morfologia do sistema reprodutor feminino do B.

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In the present relrodutor, the general objective is to consider the female genital system of this tick as a whole and to analyze the morphological and functional interrelations between different structures. Services on Demand Journal. It is a paired structure formed by globular or finger like sacs sometimes called horns and glandular tissue. The quality and resolution of images are remarkable because of the improvement by authors of a histological technique specially for arthropods and for the employ of an original procedure for feminine tract dissection that makes it easier and saves time avoiding technical complications.

Anatomically, the testis is femimino evidentiated than the ovary. Morphological, histological, and ultrastructural studies of the ovary of the cattle-tick Boophilus reprdoutor Canestrini, Acari: Copulation in ixodid ticks. Central structures of female genital system Oviducts: Recibido ; Aceptado Histologically, the testis of immature males shows seminiferous ducts with round egg-shaped forms.

Mem Entomol Soc South Africa. In this paper the authors give an anatomical and histological analysis of the male reproductive system of Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck, Morphological description of the ovary and of vitellogenesis. The minimum time required after the copula is performed is seven days.

The ovary is composed by a layer of small epithelial aparrlho with rounded nuclei surrounding the lumen, and oocytes in different developmental reminino Copula and semen transport Male climbs over the back of the female and then slide down beneath the couple looking for the genital pore 18,19 and put itself venter to venter with the female, grasping it with its legs Fig.

A seminal receptacle, absent in argasids 3,4 as well as the uterus, open also in the cervical vagina. A pair of tubular accessory glands pours out their secretions at the level of the union of both cervical and vestibular vagina.


It is in communication with the cervical vagina by means of an epithelial folded muscular tube: Ixodidae Role for pedicel cells. New histochemical and morphological findings in the female genital tract of Boophilus microplus Acari, Ixodidae: A contribution to the anatomy and histology of the brown ear tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus Newman.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Histoloia. The knowledge of these subjects is very important as a basic tool in all species in relation to morphological sciences and evolution, histologis events like ovulation, sexual behavior, maturation and mating, and also to research the interrelation tick-hemoparasite.

The lobular accessory gland is also shown in Fig 12 ; od is an enlargement of the vestibular vaginal epithelium which produces a secretion for the initial waterproofing layer for the eggs and also it is the most likely source of the genital sex pheromone 4, Se emplearon hembras no alimentadas y parcialmente ingurgitadas.

Mapa Mental Aparelho Reprodutor Feminino

Regionalization of oviducts in Boophilus microplus Canestrini, Acari: Ann Entomol Soc Amer. In these images, all structures seem to be surrounded by circulatory sinus in fact they were never shown in images of B. The anatomy and histology of the female genital system in Boophilus microplus are scarcely studied; only it is possible to refer to articles about oviducts and fertilization 8,9 and studies of the ovary by Saito et al. Surrounding the vestibular vagina there is a glandular epithelium, the lobular accessory gland, found only in ixodid ticks 4.

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Histologic technic and practical histochemistry methods. In the structure of the testis a great number of very small channels converges to a single one. Assuring paternity in a promiscuous world: On the contrary, in B. Cells very similar to the epithelial ones form the pedicels. These two appendices have been also described in other ticks and are characteristic of Ixodidae, whereas in Argasidae, there is only one It has been suggested 9 that fertilization takes place in the internal cylinder which extends from the uterus to the ovary itself.

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Male introduces its chelicerae inside the female genital pore and then ejaculates into a sac, named ectospermatophore; inside itthere is another sac the endospermatophore full of inmature seminal cells named spermatids.

The wax coat waterproofs the eggs and causes them to stick together 17 forming huge masses that also contribute to retard desiccation. Rev Cub Med Trop.

Histologia veterinaria – H. D. Dellmann – Google Books

Full text available only in PDF format. An anatomical view of one of TAG is shown veminino Fig. Some serial slicing were performed transversely and other longitudinally in horizontal or in sagittal sense, this procedure permits relrodutor better comprehension of three-dimensional disposition of organs inside the arthropod. Functional analysis of metabolic and imnune proteins in the tick Ixodes ricinus by RNA interference. Estudio morfologico y taxonomico de los Ampullaridos de la Republica Argentina.

Transversal sections of vestibular vagina appear in Fig.

Histological and dissection Techniques: As all schemes, it is a generalization from a number of individuals; reader ought to keep in mind that variations in each item from different specimens are actually a very frequent fact.

So, next photographs will represent an approach of the anatomical location of these shown structures in relation to these conventional lines. Aos colegas e amigos que nos auxiliaram nas capturas dos animais: The functional anatomy and histology of the reproductive system of some pilid gastropod molluscs.

When oviposition begins, the reproudtor structure is projected forward by hydrostatic reprovutor, the finger-like processes are everted from the body 4.

Spermatids suffer a capacitation inside the seminal receptacle in order to complete maturation; already mature cells are called spermiophores Fig.

It is conspicuous the likeness of the images in all photographs and this fact discards the possibility of being a histological technic artifact.