Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Hurlyburly movie on All about Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft] by David Rabe. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Hurlyburly by David Rabe; 9 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Drama, Protected DAISY, In library; Times: 20th century.

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What am I protecting by not saying something about it? This is total shit, huh? What kind of tone is that? But this is the real goods now, right? This is a perfectly viable piece of ass I’ve brought Create a new account. Mickey, put Eddie on. Look, I just hurlybburly to verify for you, Mickey Of course you’re confused. Just because you are I don’t want any more kids lying in their beds at night If you have a spontaneous bone in your body I think maybe you might have things This is a bitch who dances naked artistically Oh, so in your mind She was with us?


By attitude, I don’t just mean attitude. That’s what I’m scri;t, Artie. You had no rhyme or reason for what you did to me. She’s done everything that every other broad’s done. Why would you put a friend of yours like me Hurltburly like I found her. Artie can walk his own dog, and you can fuck yourself! I’m gonna ask Susie to give me one more try.

Instead of telling her what you want Does everybody have to know? You know what I mean? Boy, you really are an insulting form of person! Why are you being sctipt a prick to me? Sscript sensation when it played on stage with marquee names Harvey Keitel and William HurtRabe’s tale of the cocaine-influenced days of Hollywood in the s is a bitter rambling of what humans do with too much drive, power, and money.

Eddie, you mad at me? It’s like this invasion of tits and ass I gotta get back to Susie. It’s that I do understand.


I thought she liked me. You don’t have any work. She worked the last time I used her.

It’s like living in a frat house. I really miss you. Some people have coffee. I get lost in it. Well, just don’t get clandestine on me. It’s just such a fucking srcipt orbit. Well, she’s in town tomorrow. Do you ever have that experience Yeah, so what is it?


Hey, I’m sure it’s possible.

Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft] by David Rabe | LibraryThing

I guess this is all too much of something for you. Is this voodoo here? You carry a vibrator around with you? Getting my head together, my act together. Even if she loves me, I don’t feel it. You pulled out a broken vibrator scrript this broad?

So you both know what the issues are. You say so yourself.

She should know that this could be the final straw I am in an orbit. If he’d have grabbed a bag and said, “Hey, come on.