The Hyalomma dromedarii Koch, tick is a common parasite of camels and probably the best adapted to deserts of all hard ticks. Like other. Engorged Hyalomma dromedarii females were placed for development in shade and sun (open non-shaded site) in April, August and December for two. In this study, complete nucleotide sequences of Calreticulin and Internally Transcribed Spacer Region -2 (ITS-2) encoding genes of Hyalomma dromedarii from.

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Ixodidae description of the male and immature stages from rodents and insectivores and notes on its biology in South Africa. Views Read Edit View history. Two large vertical openings were positioned anterolateral to festoons, each was observed dromedarij front of the second festoon Fig. Also in his thorough description of H. The author expresses his deep appreciation and gratitude to Mr.

The present study also presented more measurements similar or greater than those carried out by many authors in other tick species in order to be useful for instructing keys based on larvae for classifying Hyalomma species. Function of different types of setae in larvae needs further physiological studies.

Hyalomma dromedarii

Discriminating measurements of H. The Importance of Demodex Mites Acari: Similarly, SEM of the acarine eggs may also share in the differentiation of dromevarii taxa. Egg of the karner blue butterfly lycaeides melissa samuelis morphology and elemental analysis. The chorion appeared as a finely perforated cloth. Number and shape of setae on this fused segment greatly matched with the sum of setae of segments 2 and 3 described in larva of H.

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The 4 segmented palpi extended anterolaterally from the basis capituli.

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Scanning electron microscopy of eggs of Haemagogus leucocelaenus Diptera: The second type was numerous, slit-like and devoided integumental rings or internal lips.

Scanning electron microscopy study of the egg of Haemagogus Haemagogus capricornii Lutz Diptera: Description of the larva diagnosis of the nymph and female based on scanning electron microscopy hosts and distribution of Ixodes Ixodes venezuelensis. SEM processing caused partial removal of the chorion which makes the egg shell clear and easily observed. You do not currently have access to this article.

Denticles are oval, tilelike and enlarged posteriorly Fig. However, the egg incubation dromddarii preoviposition periods were most greatly affected.

Description of the nymph and larva and redescription of the female of Ixodes neuquenensis Ringuelet Acari Ixodidae a parasite of the endangered neotropical marsupial Dromiciops gliroides thomas Microbiotheria microbiotheriidae.

They were mounted on stubs with carbon tape, sputter-coated with gold and examined with the above instruments Nickles et al. This dromedarij is closely associated with camels, that are the main hosts of the adults, which may also parasitize other domestic animals. Terminally the dorsolateral and ventral plates enclosed the mouth opening in which 2 cheliceral digits were arisen from lateral sides Fig.

These bumps appeared as conical Fig. Ixodidae and Rhipicephalus decoloratus Infesting Cattle in Uganda. Small bumps were noticed on the egg shell Fig.

This contradicts the opinion of Balashov who stated that the capitulum of H. In order to view specimens, they were first attached with double-sided carbon tape to aluminum stubs so that they could be coated with gold in a sputter-coating apparatus JEOL JFC Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account?


Materials and Methods H. Such openings were noticed in female H.

Hyalomma dromedarii from Libya. The wounds look very serious, but usually heal without any intervention and do not generally become infected any further.

Extensible part of the idiosoma showing horizontal foldings, festoons and setae. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Identification of species of Hyalomma asiaticum group Ixodidae drimedarii areas of their sympatry based on immature stages.

Unprocessed egg with chorion covering it. The dorsolateral plate contained median dorsal narrow groove which widen posteriorly and numerous denticles Fig.

Hyalomma dromedarii – Wikipedia

Ashraf Ahmed Montasser Egg incubation, nymphal premolting, and female preoviposition and oviposition periods were prolonged with decrease in temperature. Anterior pit contained 6 conical sensillae, their length ranged between 2. This needs further studies to define their structure and the nature of their secretion. Ixodidae II palpal organ. Immatures may feed on camels but commonly infest a wide variety of wild rodents and also lizards, birds, hedgehogs and hares Hoogstraal, The opening was oval with 7.