The Hyles Church Manual (Part One – chapters ) Church Business Go to Part Two by Dr. Jack Hyles. Introduction With pleasure and profit, I have read the. Hyles Church Manual has 14 ratings and 1 review. Congratulations! You’ve been called by God to be a preacher, and He’s given you a church. With pleasure and profit, I have read the manuscript, Hyles’ Church Manual. I wish that this book had been published years ago so that many pastors and.

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Since the vote has been so close I would like to entertain a motion that we rescind the action just taken and place the matter in the hands of the board of deacons for further study in order that they might bring back, perhaps, amore suitable recommendation at our next business meeting.

The deacons bow their heads, pray about whether they fell that man should run for deacon or not, and then we vote.

I have been winking at them right up there in the balcony. It is chyrch to start off with a prayer. Our discussion for this chapter is the Bible deacon. I wish every pastor and evangelist and church in America would get a copy of this book, read it, and put into practice the wise instructions it gives.

Hyles Church Manual

A man came to em who had met me one time. Suppose, for example, that the secretaries need some stationery.

Bear in mind that I had never built a building. We expect and demand faithfulness to the public services of our church. They must be faithful in ,anual attendance. Through the years requests have come that the material be put in print.


Another song follows honouring Jesus the King. The auditorium was used as a place to preach the Gospel for a half a century. Outline the budget under main headings.

A ledger book is prepared with a page for each budget item. The Sunday school hour would be a good time for churcg since the Sunday school workers have already made their promises. Now he feels that God would have him to preach. Most church trouble is caused by a lack of thoroughness and proper planning on the part of the pastor and deacons.

An assembly room seating would be sufficient and the other could sit in the classrooms during the opening assembly. Below is the dedication service for a new Sunday school building.

I thought it would be fitting for manal to come lead us in the opening prayer for our Dedication Service. I have a letter to read while these men are here.

Listen carefully to the people you counsel.

The Hyles Church Manual – The Jack Hyles Home Page

For example, our church is very evangelistic; hence, we want our buildings to look evangelistic. The moderator should be very careful to be kind and gracious and the people should be aware of this spirit. If an offering is taken for a certain matter, it should be spent for that matter. If an invitation hymn is used it should not be manyal.

We are so glad that you could come tonight.


The Hyles Church Manual

The smallest member of the church should feel that he has a right to speak concerning any issue. Do we have a motion to adjourn? It is easy to learn it, and it is easy to quote it, but sometimes it is not easy to believe it. If I could command pastors and they had to obey my command, all pastors would give careful attention to all the author says about weddings and actual wedding ceremonies, funerals and nanual funeral services, spiritual counseling, pastor and people relationship and the pastor and the staff.

Folks who came in early for the preaching service found an auditorium empty of chairs, and it remained so until Sunday school was over. Teen-agers should be soul winners. The music should not hinder the preaching.

This is not done at payment. The deacons form an advisory board. Not only is there a security for the church; there is also a security for the counters in that the people realize that the counting of the money and the financial responsibilities are being spread out hhyles many rather than controlled by a few. A typical order of service is given. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord. I plan to do my part. Notice that the classrooms are located around the assembly room.