All those variations relate to the two scenes in the opera. In the middle of the Act, after the scene where Vaudemont discovers that Iolanta is blind, the libretto. Iolanta, the blind daughter of the King of Provence, is telling her nurse, Martha, that she is full of some unknown longing. Iolanta’s friends, Brigitte and Laura. Title: Iolanta. Libretto. German; Contributor Names: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich — (composer): Chaĭkovskiĭ, Modest Ilʹich, , (librettist): Schmidt.

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He surrounded her with loyal retainers and forbade them on pain of death to tell her the truth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The world premiere took place on 18 December 6 December O.

Iolanta – Wikipedia

I unworthy have come to know You oh maiden of beauty Your girlish slender figure, Your lovely image and features Yes it was the prime of the creation, The best gift given by the Creator to the World. It is an endless source That brings us iolamta of the beauty. Mahler also conducted the Vienna premiere on 22 March And in comparison with it Our earthly world is Short-lived and unworthy.

All those variations relate to the two scenes in the opera. No, to give eternal praises to God, Knight I do not need light. The beauty is revealed to us In a hot day, in night breeze, In sounds of morning songs, In aroma of flowers.


Iolanta Your words are so strange. A girl appears on the terrace. I believe one can revere the Creator Not knowing the blessing of light. The booklet for the 2CD recording of ” Iolanta ” made in at Mariinsky Theatre contains English transliteration and English translation of the libretto. The Performer Mariinsky Theatre Robert departs to bring troops to rescue him.

For the similarly named but unrelated comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivansee Iolanthe.

And in comparison with it Our earthly world Is short-lived and unworthy. Iolanta Your words are so sweet. No one has ever told her nor does she know that she is a princess.

Princess Iolanta has been blind from birth. I have noticed however variations in the libretto lines from one performer to another. A two-act version of Iolanta is performed regularly at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, [2] and in Belarus. The sun, sky, the shrine of stars Imbue the world on Earth, The whole nature and creatures with Splendid beauty!


At first uncertain of her new gift, she eventually sings of the magical new world now visible to her. Vaudemont A splendid gift from the eternal nature A priceless and sacred gift. Variations in “Iolanta” Libretto Listening to this opera is a very special delight for any admirer of the great composer.

Personally it is quite opportune, that I have included Lviv in my travel plan for April next year. This article is about the Tchaikovsky opera.

No, knight, I iokanta not need light To know the beauty of the Universe.

I do not however have an access to a copy of his original manuscript, lbretto can not therefore check whether my view is correct. I do not know what is going on. Iolanta hands him a rose, but it is a white one. Vaudemont So deep in your heart there is no desire To see Light the glory of the Universe? The instrumentation requires the following forces: I find the article has been well researched and well written.


Iolanta (Original edition) (1891)

Iolanta has been brought up by her father in this remote castle. He begins to suspect something is wrong with the girl. In the middle of the Act, after the scene where Vaudemont discovers that Iollanta is blind, the libretto lines are as follows. She lives in a beautiful enclosed garden on the king’s estate, secluded from the world, in the care libretto Bertrand and Martha.

But you are not right No, no, no. You might be interested. Lebedev Studio Site info. Ibn-Hakia points out that the lack of will proves that, without inner desire, change cannot take place.

The same applied to references to the Tsar unless they were in a negative contextand the use of the old anthem “God Save the Tsar” in Tchaikovsky’s works. The topic of this article relates to the history of composition and staging of “Iolanta”. To make sure, he picks a bunch of roses and asks Iolanta to tell him how many flowers there are in the bunch.