JIS G Hot-rolled high strength steel plate, sheet and strip with improved formability for automobile structural uses (FOREIGN. JIS G Hot-rolled high strength steel plates, sheet and strip with improved formability for automobile uses. Find the most up-to-date version of JIS G at Engineering

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Major usages are boiler skin casing, duct and other items which require excellent heat resistance and formability.

Analyst Contact Analyst Report.


In 3 years, rusting will become almost stabilized and the corrosion loss after that will be minimal. Flatness shall, as a rule, be measured by placing a steel sheet on a flat surface plate jiz surface on the convex side and the thickness of the steel sheet.

Class1, 2, 3 JIS G The high-strength steel has good weldability and is used in automobile frames, members and wheels. This type of steel with enhanced corrosion and atmosphere corrosion resistant properties through the addition of such special element as Cu, P and Cr is used in the manufacturing of containers, special automobiles and construction structures.

International Standard TIS Contact us Uncategorised Product Characteristics. Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors.

Tariff Concession Orders

Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel is classified into two types. Register now while it’s still free! Carbon tool and spring steel are produced for such special applications as saws and springs that require workability and fatigue resistance. In such case B50 is not used for guarantee. Annual Report Form This steel is widely used in floor applications, prevent skidding applications and fast drain g1334 applications. This steel is widely used in general jls purposes, drawing, general pipes, structural pipes, galvanized steel pipes, and cold rolled steel.


Flow stress at 0.

Alloying elements other than those in the table may be added as necessary. Thickness tolerance Width Thickness 6. Excellent adhesion of porcelain coating 3. Annual Report Form Are you an Engineering professional?

Class1, 2, 3 JIS G Proper painting or surface treatment will further enhance the performance of this atmospheric corrosion resistant steel. Grades are available with improved formability F on request. International Standard TIS Connect with v3134 We’re on Social Networks. As for the Charpy absorption energy, the values higher than those in the table may be agreed upon by the parties concerned.

Excellent weldability and fatigue resistance.

Please consult with us on these items. But level of air pollution,fluctuation of climatic g33134 and many other factors may cause some difference in the corrosion resistant effects even if the material is the same quality.

What does SAPH/SPFH stand for?

Those steels which have not been annealed shall be subjected to annealing according to the previous table and subsequently quenching and tempering. Bend test is performed with polished edges, bend line parallel to the rolling direction.


Paintability and paint adhesion are also excellent Applicable specifications Shot blast steel plates shall be produced in conformity to any specifications such as JIS Standard, shipbuilding standard, overseas standard and NKK Standard. Measuring point of thickness shall be any point no less than 20 mm from the edge. This can help you create lighter, stronger products and increase yield through down-gauging.

Tata Steel Chicago office N. This table is not applicable for both ends of coils. Cu content shall not exceed 0. Maximum deviation of flatness is subjected f3134 the table jls JIS G The value shall be the average of 3 repetitive tests G3143 tolerance: We have helped many customers convert successfully to high-strength steels. The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and y3134 appropriate action.

The values in the table were test results for which standard test piece 25mm in diameter in conformity to JIS G Sec. Tata Steel produces a range of high-strength low-alloy grades that combine both formability and strength for demanding applications. This steel is widely used in floor applications, prevent skidding applications and fast drain water applications.