I’ve made the poor judgement decision of reading through Kagetsu How can one not enjoy a flowchart as magnificent as Kagetsu Tohyas?. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF. Description. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF Free in pdf format. Seriously, the flowchart for this thing is fucking absurd. It’s a monster. OP, you . Fuck yes, the Kagetsu Tohya flowchart of death. Honestly back.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Kill all the Tohnos. Drop by the tea room. ToonyMan on October 21, Help with Kagetsu Tohya. Anyways, yes, you have to play the game about times to get all the different endings and CGS And then he adopted the last Nanaya, man he’s coocoo. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Miraculous movie theatre “Planetarium”.

Anybody below Makihisa I can enjoy sometimes though. Except anybody Makihisa or above. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ten Nights of Dream – “Nanako-chan S. Start on the top left.


Arc in the morning leaving from the mansion during holiday to meet the Crimson Moon or Ciel at night after curry to meet Dark Elesia. She was an empty doll who finally had the motivation with her whole life to kill the Tohno family for abusing her.

I like anime, do you like anime?

Forgot your username or password? About the recent murder cases in town Repeat again Akiha, Kohaku, and Hisui can be entirely ignored to get to Ren. If I had, I would have played right from the start. All Posts OPs Only. Well, the clues laid down in Talk narrow it down a lot: More clues from the dictionary: That’s right, it would be wrong to neglect proper study! I might be misremembering, but I don’t recall the sections from the Near Side and otherwise to be particularly obtrusive?

Kagetsu Tohya

I thought I heard the least appropriate person try to give me lectures. I wound up restarting so i could unlock it and Flower of Fohya turned out to be pretty underwhelming.

Go home with Akiha. Why you do this?! Mahikisa being the most notable person getting a lot of backstory and such. Also from what I understand he was that ‘demon’ that slaughtered the Nanaya’s, which is pretty The second H-scene is pretty awesome though, and I guess the first one probably is too if you like footjobs. I thought that referred to her castle and Shiki was keeping her company there. tohyx


Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF

There are also the “Talk” and “Prelude” short stories, which happen after some Arcueid end probably. We need an Arihiko arc. But yeah, it’s possible to get screwed out of stuff in KT, so you might have to start over. Once you’ve got half the scenes, then start enjoying the rest of the game as you can’t advance ANYWAY in the game without actually doing the other girls’ choices.

This flowchary fun battle-nyan. Prevent her from sleeping!