Kate Mosse is an author and broadcaster. She is the presenter of BBC4’s Readers and Writers Roadshowand guest presents Saturday Review for Radio 4. July In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig, stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two. Mosse’s page-turner takes readers on another quest for the Holy Grail, this time with two closely linked female protagonists born years.

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The same is true for the smattering of contemporary French that one encounters in the novel: But I had to leave this review simply because others may be misled by the upcoming dramatisation. We all have different tastes, and reading, particularly of fiction, is a personal relationship between an individual author and an individual reader. Which ones did you spot first? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want labyinth read.

And the continuous use and translation of Occitan words drove me up the wall, while at the same time there were several long sentences in French, which nobody bothered to give their meaning.

In this she is reminiscent of those twin goddesses of popular historical fiction, Jean Plaidy and Mary Renault, both of whom managed to convey the texture of various patches of the past with such rich complexity that they were responsible for turning more young women on to history than anyone, including the girls themselves, would probably quite like to admit.

What inspired you to write this story? The most obvious difference—apart from the female lead characters, the medieval backbone to Labyrinth kat, the focus on theology and historical analysis—is the ways in which, as novelists, present our Grail stories.

The Crusade conducted against the Cathars by the northern French was very brutal and lasted for decades. Labyrinty justify this, Mosse lahyrinth in a lot of explanation for “Why France? Apart from the book being mind-numbingly boring, clumsily written, inconsistent, and in serious need of editing, what irritates me the most that it is pretentious.


Labyrinth by Kate Mosse – Reading Guide – : Books

Ackroyd, Amis, Smith and Mosse all embrace and employ this technique and if you have an author who is equal to the task of producing two well written narratives with different tones and styles then it works well. Why were so many of the main characters not given enough of a background? Mosse combines two stories: Oh the inner turmoil. She lives in England and France. I quickly moved on to book two and recently learned of the third book, which I purchased and plan to read in June.

My Pays D’Oc for an editor!!! Of course there were fanatics, as in all religions, who hated the World and everything in it, but for the most part Cathar followers were tolerant and accepting of other systems of belief.

I was intrigued by the idea of an historical fiction book geared towards adults. Here is what my chatty inner voices are bickering over: Like some of the other reviews, there were times I liked the story and there were other times where I was just down right bored. It is so nice to hear from a person who dislikes this ludicrous book as much as me. Just like the whole book. I am still amazed at myself that I actually finished it.

Labyrinth Reader’s Guide

If you’re like me and stubborn, you’ll no doubt go along before that point hoping that you’ll understand what it all means by context alone. There is an awful lot of blushing, a lot of emotions getting stuck in throats, a lot of waking up with sets of 4 smells penetrating people’s noses and mouths, a lot of implausible emotional moments, a lot of gasping and eyes filling with tears. View all 8 comments. Labyrinth Languedoc 1 by Kate Mosse. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Mar 24, Kristen rated it really liked it.

Yeah, I tried to read and got bored shitless. The story – a quest narrative set simultaneously in the 13th century and the present – concerns the safety of a set of crumbly books containing eternal verities that date back to ancient Egypt.


Lists with This Book. Feb 06, Pages. The Labyrinth dealt with many of the same themes as The Da Vinci Code, but it was superior in so many ways. Although, come to think of it, there wasn’t a whole lot of detailed discussion about the Cathars in “Labyrinth,” but I have been inspired to do a little reading on my own. Finally a review that nails why this book is so aweful.

Labyrinth (Languedoc, #1) by Kate Mosse

Lbayrinth when your big ideas involve reincarnation and historical symmetry, and when the main manifestation of this symmetry is both heroines losing consciousness every ten pages, it basically flogs the sex and the swords into one big pile of MEH. None of this would matter, of course, if katd were a struggle to get through the novel’s odd pages. Finally, accepting they had lost the battle of words and that the sword was not enough, the Pope decided he needed something more systematic, more suppressive, more insidious.

Try looking at a map of Paris at the very least before writing about the City.

Castles in the air

The back-and-forth between the medieval era and the present day generally works nicely, and the transitions are smooth, or make sense in their placement and timing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Yes, she co-founded it with her husband apparently. Jan 04, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: So many words, so much purple prose, and so much time to get out of there and seek medical attention.