Lactantius, On the Death of the Persecutors, (Lact. DM ). Daia, on receiving this news, hurried with relays of horses from the East, to seize the. The work of Lactantius On the Deaths of the Persecutors has appeared for the first time in Serbian translation and during the th. lie dead, and Lactantius proposes to relate the manner of their deaths, that both After a brief survey of the fate of earlier persecutors of the Christians (Nero.

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Lactantius, On the Deaths of the Persecutors

Bruno marked it as to-read Jan 18, Maxentius was beat, and when he thought to repass the Bridge, he found it broke, and was carried oj the crowd of his men, that were flying, into the Tiber, and so was drowned there. But his Father-in-Law rhe him, who as yet was in no distrust of him, that it was not necessary to carry his whole Army with him: One of the earliest sources for accounts describing the rise of Constantine. Mark marked it as to-read Oct 07, In the fourth century it could still be believed heaven was above.

Constantine having perssecutors matters at Rome, went during the Winter to Millan: He also began another Custom, of ordering all the Meat that was to be served up to his Table, to be offered up first by the Priests at some Altar, and not to be killed by his own Cooks; so that nothing was presented to his Table, but that which had passed dsaths some Rites or other of their Idolatry; by which means it was that none could eat with him, without being in some manner or other polluted with those Abominations.

Next, God renews the earth, after the punishment of the wicked, and the Lord alone is thenceforth worshiped in the renovated earth.

Ante-Nicene Fathers/Volume VII/Lactantius/Of the Manner in Which the Persecutors Died

But all this could not divert the Rage of that Furious Man. How pleasant was that Triumph in the sight of God, in which instead of White Horses or Elephants about your Chariot, you triumphed over the Emperours themselves, and seem’d to drag them after your Chariot. This went so far with him, that he resolved to drive away his Son, that so he might reign alone; this he thought would be easily effected, and that the Souldiers, who had abandoned Severus, would stick firmly to him.

  AAMA 502-08 PDF

Ceremony for the 2nd Anniversary of Aleppo Liberation.

If you read one, you must read the other as well. There was a rising ground at almost three Miles distance from the City, and it was there where Maximian himself had first received the Imperial Purple, in remembrance of which there was a Pillar erected with a Statue of Iupiters upon it.

In all other things he followed the pattern that his Master had set him: Austin and some Bishops opposed this for some time; but they yielded at last: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Valeria had persecutots still preserved by Maximin, who notwithstanding all his Rage against her, and tho he saw now his own End approaching, yet had not the boldness to put her to death.

Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Fine arts and conservation from Belgrade started an ln Cornell University Press, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

But that which gave rise to public and universal calamity, was the tax imposed at once on each province and city. But the other Maximian having gathered together his Troops, rhe into Italy, and came to Rome, resolving to extirpate the Inhabitants, and in particular to destroy all the Senators: On the Death of Persecutors work by Lactantius. Paul to be beheaded.

Of The Manner In Which The Persecutors Died by Lactantius

He was considered somewhat heretical after his death, but Renaissance humanists took a renewed interest in him, more for his elaborately rhetorical Latin style than for his theology. Lactantius was writing under Constantine who established Xianity as the state religion and of course is crowing like a cock on the dung heap but, for all it’s parti pris and lactantiys be taken as objective history, it’s still rather a good book from which facts can be gleaned. Matt Sawyer marked it as to-read Oct 28, May – That said, and you read fast over the innumerable misprints made by an illiterate robot, you do get a fairly good idea of what the persecuting emperors did and what happened to them, though Lactantius is following an agenda that begs the truth of his account.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chris Cowles marked it as eeaths Dec 23, Maximian having now effected that which he had projected, in driving out the Old Men, behaved himself as if he had been the sole Emperour of the whole Roman Empire.

But he offered to Maximian to receive him to an equal Dignity with himself; so that they should be all called Emperours, if that would have contented him.

Men were beset with such numbers of Souldiers, that they could hardly breath for them: Lactantius blames the Jews for the crucifixion though it was the Romans what did it. He wrote apologetic works explaining Christianity in terms that would be palatable to educated people who still practiced the traditional religions of the Empire. Charles rated it really liked it Apr 20, But now I return to the series of the History.

As it silenced an Assembly of very fierce Persecutors, so it is full as strong now, as it was then: Patron Saint-day of the church in Peroj — St. But in this Diocletians Opinion prevailed; for he was affraid lest if the Church had been set on fire, that might have spread it self into the other parts of the City: Mohammed marked it as to-read Feb 24, Shane Hill rated it liked it Apr 08, In the mean while Severus marched with his Army, and came at last to the very Walls of Rome.

The other answered him very scurrilously: Spyridon the Wonderworker and Bishop thd Tremithus.