LMH/ Texas Instruments Linear Voltage Regulators LMH/ Voltage Regulator datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The LM/LMC is a voltage regulator designed prima- rily for series regulator applications. By itself, it will supply output currents up to mA; but external. The LM is a monolithic integrated programmable voltage regulator, assembled in. lead dual in-line plastic package. The circuit provides internal current.

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Also, Q1 is a transistor – which I’m sure was just a mistake. Vref appears datashheet pin 6. Then study the example application circuits given in it. When you study the data sheets, you will see that you can use the LM “on its own”, though with a few necessary external resistors and capacitors.

The problem was traced to the Q1 can provide as much base drive as you want in fact, as there is no series resistor between Q1 and the base – this is, if not a design “error”, then at least a design weakness.

In non-experimental contexts they explode because a lm723n voltage is inadvertantly applied across its terminals, or a very large current passes thru its terminals.

This is a design from the dawn of solid state time that has much to teach. My question is more to do with how the circuit itself operates because I’m not sure.


Be sure Vin does not exceed 35V!. Q4 being a LM is an adjustable voltage regulator IC used for shunt regulator, current regulator, and temperature controller.

I’m especially unclear exactly how the transistors operate, as their connections aren’t clear to me. If things go wrong and Vout datasyeet not as high datadheet it should be due to a failure somewhere then Q1 tries to tear the arms off the ie apply too much base voltage – if the is tougher than Q1 then Q1 may lose instead. To use this IC for the different range of required output voltage, you can proceed with various circuits available in LM datasheet with having your needed output range.

Is Q2 providing feedback? However, I don’t understand: I’ve attached the circuit diagram. The Voltage Regulator Description: Most recently one datashwet the transistors Q1 actually exploded on it. SO Texas Instruments part: Q2 is for short-circuit protection- it detects the voltage across R Note that only the DIP package has the Vz pin–the output from the zener diode xatasheet is used for negative regulators.

National Semiconductor

It fatasheet still available today and used in some designs, though there are better choices now available, depending on the specific application. Sorry I can’t remember which pins. Submitted by webmaster on 15 January It is designed primarily to be used as a positive regulator, but it can also be made to function as a negative regulator.

I’ve added DIP pin numbers as those match what you show. For getting an output voltage range from 2v to 7v you can use the circuit below, which is a Basic Voltage Regulator circuit using LM voltage regulator IC. Call ratio of R6: I don’t see a “zener diode” in the datassheet. What went into the design of that portion, especially with the feedback transistor?


Voltage Regulator

This page has been accessed 30, times. But again, all with certain limitations. Oh man, can’t wait to read this. Secondly, apologies to those who feel this question wasn’t researched enough nor novel.

With the voltage turned right down of course. As Q1 is a TO92 package with dissipation well under 1 Watt this is probably why it exploded – summat went aglae, the tried to turn on to cause Vout to rise by turning on Q1 to turn on Q3, the cct did not comply so it kept turning Q1 on and it gave up dur to the ‘s base current.

LMH/ from Texas Instruments

Is Q1 an amplifying stage? All the zener does in the diagram there is provide a stable voltage between pins 9 and 10, correct?

To get more output voltage you need to use “booster” transistors. Sign up using Email and Password. There are two aspects to this. Spehro Pefhany k 4